Toronto Brewpubs: Have your brew and eat too!

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As spring approaches, we Torontonians start to dream of sipping our favourite beer, snacking on appetizers and lounging on sunny pub patios.  Those beer enthusiasts among us spend time researching where to find our favourite beer on tap and follow them around the city. But in a time where there are new craft beer popping up all over the market, it becomes difficult to find pubs who are tapping our favourites. But what if your favourite was brewed right in the restaurant you love? Well, these five brew masters have taken beer and food to the next level by producing them both on site! They have crafted some of the most original brews in the city and serve them alongside delicious snacks. Here are the fast facts on some of our favourite Toronto brew pubs!

barVolo: 587 Yonge Street

barVolo is a family owned bar specializing in craft beer and everything Ontario since 1985 in Toronto, Canada.

Brewers: Ralph Morana (Interviewed) & Eric Ecclestone

Liters brewed per month: 2000 Liters

Beer on Tap: Usually 4 on tap and 2 to 3 on cask.

Top Selling Brew: Run ESB ($7.00/pint), 2Hop Pale Ale ($7.00/pint) & Westside IPA ($7.00/pint)

Best Paired with: One of our cheese board selections. Some examples include:
Riopelle with a Weiss bier or Pilsner
Toscano with a malty Amber or Brown Ale
Blue Benedictine with a Barley wine

What is your favourite thing about brewing? “Being part of the industry and the variety of friends that you encounter during your career.”

If you could have a beer with anyone living or dead, who would it be? “I have been fortunate to have had a beer with many important people in the industry, but at the moment, I would have to say my Dad that passed away a few years ago. At the time I was not brewing. It would have been nice to have shared one of my beer with him.”

Bellwoods Brewery: 124 Ossington

Owner & Brewmaster:  Luke Pestl (interviewed) & Mike Clark

Liters brewed per month:  20,000 Liters

Beer on Tap: 10 on tap with several more available in bottles in their store

Top Selling Brew:  Roman Candle IPA ($7.00/pint) and Exprimador Pale Ale ($6.50/pint)

Best Paired with:  The flat iron steak with sun choke hash, brussel sprouts and a turnip green salad with golden raisin dressing goes beautifully with both.

What is your favourite thing about brewing? “Experimenting with new brewing techniques and ingredients in order to create the most interesting beer you can.”

If you could have a beer with anyone living or dead, who would it be? “Pierre Celis, founder of Hoegaarden.”

C’est What: 67 Front Street

We produce our own brews to provide you with the ultimate beer taste adventure.

Owner & Beverage Creator:  George Milbrandt

Liters brewed per month:  About 2000L

Beer on Tap:  Six

Top Selling Brew:  Al’s Cask Ale ($7.50/pint)

Best Paired with:  Al’s Smokin’ Cheddar Dip ($9.00)

What is your favourite thing about brewing? “I am living the dream. It beats working for a living.”

If you could have a beer with anyone living or dead, who would it be? My wife.”

Granite Brewery; 245 Eglinton Ave. East

Located in the heart of Toronto, The Granite Brewery has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. We specialize in hand brewed, all natural Ales and offer a new featured menu every week. Our staff is fun, friendly, and knowledgeable – they’d love to say hello!

Owner & Brewmaster:  Ron Keefe

Liters brewed per month: 15 000 Liters

Beer on Tap: 12

Top Selling Brew:  Ringwood, Blonde Ale ($7.00/pint)

Best Paired with:  Curries and Salads

What is your favourite thing about brewing? “Enjoying the final product.”

Indie Alehouse: 2876 Dundas Street West

We like to think that better beer will change the world and that given a chance, people will choose independently made quality handcrafted products over mass-produced blandness.

Owner & Brewmaster:  Jeff Broeders & Jason Fisher (interviewed) 

Liters brewed per month:  7,000-10,000 Liters 

Beer on Tap:  10 of their house brews on tap. 4 are regular, 6 rotating

Top Selling Brew:  Barnyard (Belgian IPA), Instigator (IPA) & Breakfast Porter

Best Paired with:  Each beer can be paired with delicious thin crust pizza with customized toppings matched with every beer we make.

What is your favourite thing about brewing?  “Brewing itself is a great blend between art and science and I love that. It’s a lot more peaceful and relaxing than paperwork…”

If you could have a beer with anyone living or dead, who would it be? “Both of my grandparents who didn’t get to see the Indie Alehouse open. Also, Aquaman, Nikola Tesla, David Bowie, and the Snake from the Garden of Eden.”