Top 5 Reasons To Stay In On New Year’s Eve


It’s no secret. We love beer. We love discovering new brews. Like, who doesn’t? And there’s no better time to discover beer than in a cozy environment with friends. That’s why we are highly recommending that you stay in on New Year’s Eve. We came up with 5 pretty compelling reasons to support our cause. Let us present our case…

5) The Taxi Situation – Finding a cab or Uber is hard work on NYE. PLUS – the surge pricing will be crazy. PLUS – if you’re out with more then 4 friends, you have to find two cabs! Every person you know (you included) has a horror story about trying to catch a cab on New Year’s. It’s the worst! Skip it.

4) The Food – Staying in is your chance to show off your culinary skills. Just youtube some fancy recipes and get ready to receive the accolades! (HINT: google slow cooker recipes. so easy!) Or maybe make it a potluck. Everyone bring their best dish. Make sure you delegate someone for apps and desert or everyone might bring mains, and you need to eat sweets!

3) The Company – Spending time with your friends means everything. Play a board game, jump down a Youtube video wormhole, watch some sports, play video games, play cards (we recommend Cribbage, because MUGGINS!)

2) The Hassle – Not deciding on a place to eat, how to get there and how to get home safely is music to our ears. Does it get any better?

1) The Beer – Show off your beer knowledge and make sure your friends only bring their favs. Have some sampling glasses on hand so everyone can try everything. (Our TFOB Festival Mug makes a great sampling mug… just saying… check your cupboards for last years mug!)

The beautiful benefit of staying in, is not drinking and driving. Maybe make it a sleepover for everyone? Rock those onesies or PJs and welcome 2017 in style.

Tag your photos with #BeerFam because we love to share! See you in 2017!