The holidays are just around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning your shopping for all the beer lovers in your life.

Whether you are someone who likes to get shopping done in advance, or just chill, you have a ton of great options available at your fingertips.

That’s why we’re here to make your life easier – Check out these ten awesome beer gifts that are available right now and have fun spreading the joy of #BeerLove!

Beer Socks! – $12.71

Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of socks, let alone a pair of beer themed socks to wear any time to keep your feet cozy while you relax during the holidays? This great beer gift is cheap and cheerful and comes in a few different styles.


Wood Shadow Box Display For Your Beer Caps – $60.84

This is the perfect display box for beer and wine lovers. You can hang this up behind your bar, or even in your kitchen as you fill it with the remanence of brews that have past. It’s like a capsule of the good times with you and your favourite golden beverage.


Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener – $39.99


Need a sleek way to carry your brews as you head out to a backyard BBQ? Search no more with this crafty caddy that comes with a removable six-pack separator to keep brews safe and ice cold. Oh, and should you forget to pack a bottle opener there’s no need to turn to one of nature’s methods because the pack comes with an attached steel opener so you never have to worry. Give one to a beer buff or outdoor adventurer to inspire the question, “Where to next, brew crew?”



Buying gift cards may be considered a cop out, BUT, not if it’s a beer gift card.


When you purchase this for a loved one, it says, “I love you. In fact, I love you so much that I travelled to my local Beer Store and purchased this gift card for you.”


The least they could do in return is go buy some brews straight away and share them with you. Cheers to you both.


Vintage-Inspired Craft Beer Opener – $52.53

Does the beer lover in your life love nostalgic items? Maybe they just love conversation pieces? Either way, this vintage-inspired beer opener is a perfect addition to any home bar and pairs perfectly with any bottle of sudz.


Craftsman Beer Soap Set – $24.95

Whether you prefer India Pale Ales or Brown Ales, you can find beer soap that satisfy any beer lover’s needs. They are the perfect addition to any bathroom and lather up nicely!


Homecraft on Single Tap Beer Growler Cooling System – $244.99

How awesome would it be to pour beer directly from a tap any time you wanted to? Well you’re in luck and you don’t even need a bar! This Homecraft on Single Tap Beer Growler Cooling System refreshing craft beer straight from your countertop tap! Bring 5-litres of your favourite craft brew right into your kitchen, and keep it cold and fresh for 30+ days after tapping. An easy-pull tap handle makes dispensing easy, while a removable drip tray catches any drips.

Lambic Basket – $81.30

Fan of Belgium Beer? Lambic is a specific style of beer from Belgium, considered special because it’s fermented with native yeast in the bottle. (That’s also known as bottle-conditioned beer.) But the yeast means that it’s a finicky type of beer to serve, and so you want to pour it and store it at a tilt so that you don’t get sediment in your glass while drinking. That’s where the lambic basket comes in, and it’s a great gift for Belgian beer nerds.


Outdoor Beer Growler Carrier and Glasses – $58.88 – 75.89

Take this beer growler and glassware tote to your next picnic, barbecue or tailgate party, and it’s like bringing your favourite local brewhouse with you. The heirloom-quality tote is full of handcrafted details, from its wrought iron frame, to the removable handle and its lathe-formed metal coil. Perhaps the best feature of the carrier, however, is that it includes a quartet of actual glasses, which offer a grown-up alternative to sipping from a plastic cup.


Tickets To Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by the Beer Store: $45-$110

No, it’s not too early to think about summer, so get the beer lover in your life tickets to the beer event of the summer; with 35,000+ attendees over three glorious days.

You can also get creative with how you give the tickets. Buy ‘em, print ‘em, place ‘em in case of beer? Or hang them from the tree? Be festive! That’s #BeerLove.


As always, we encourage donations to charity as excellent options. Here are some friends of ours:




Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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