We know you have a few beer lovers on your list. Now stop looking in the mirror, we’re talking about giving gifts to others. We searched the interwebz – specially our beer partners websites – and found some amazing gifts. Check ‘em out…

Retro Lunch Box from Steam Whistle

Steam whistle lunch boxReminiscent of a 1950’s construction worker’s lunch box, this is a super cool gift for the beer lover in your life. Let’s face it, whomever you buy this for most likely will not be slugging it around with a spam sandwich. Chances are it will be on display… up on the shelf, in the office – OR – if you have kids… full of Lego pieces. Either way, a solid choice for a beer gift.

Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer


2016tfob_492It’s the biggest beer festival in the country. Grab your #BeerFam and come discover new brews and old favs. Use promo code <INSERT CODE> to save $5 off general admission tickets.

Coozie Sling Bag from Landshark Brewery

lfh161z19aLet’s say you have a friend. And this friend likes things like flowery surf shirts and Jimmy Buffet. Well say ‘aloha’ to this can coozie which keeps your cans cold and your hands free. International shipping may apply to this bad boy.

Flight Paddle with glasses from Brock Street Brewing Company

FLIGHT PADDLE WITH 4 SAMPLE GLASSESThis is the perfect type of gift for that special someone in your life that is always trying to get others to try different brews. Makes sense to have something like this in the house, so you arent’t all tasting from the same can or bottle… GROSS!!  Seriously, this is a smart gift from the Ontario Brewing Award winner for Newcomer of the Year. Whitby, represent!

Blanket from Goose Island

medium_100018739-34b271d567f1b1911bc45d8c1a6c58adWrap up winter with a Goose Island Jaquard blanky. We had to google what jacquard meant, but we’re glad we know now. You cannot go wrong with a blanket. One size fits all. If you have a Goose Island lover in your life, then we found you the perfect gift! Shipped from the US of A.

Punk Album from Beau’s All Natural Brewery

audio_visceral_-_back_largeIt’s called Audio Visceral and it’s from a band that the co-founder of Beau’s is in. It might be good, it might be… um… not so good, but one thing is for certain… for the Beau’s fan in your life it will blow their mind.

Chutney from Old Speckled Hen

old-spec-hen-chutneyThis product is from the UK, but we couldn’t resist adding to our list. Imagine how fancy you will feel when you present to your loved one… *clears throat* “May I present Old Speckled Hen Chutney made with caramelised red onion chutney infused with a generous glug of Old Speckled Hen”.

Red Light from Budweiser

red_lightThey say we (Canadians) are obsessed with hockey. They may right, since these red lights keep selling! Sync it up with your fav team and celebrate each goal properly. This is a must have for anyone with an unusual affinity for under armour shirts and a passion for hockey.

Become Part Owner of Innis & Gunn

original__largeThey are looking for investors and if you invest on someone’s behalf as a Christmas gift, they may write songs about you and your generosity. You will instantly become a hero. Legendary status.

Grilling Tongs from Sam Adams

bbcsa1640-hSomething feels so right about these branded grilling tongs. Sure you have to order from the USA, but it’s Samuel Adams people! Jim Koch’s story about starting this brewery is a pretty good story and will no doubt be re-told every time you fire up the grill!


Take a look at the video below to get a taste of what TFOB is all about. #TFOB2017 is July 28-30 Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place. This year our feature country is *drum roll please* … CANADA! No better time than Canada’s 150th celebration aka: #Canada150, to raise a glass with breweries and brews from coast to coast! We’ll bring the best of the best to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by the Beer Store.

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