Beer discovery is the most important part of Toronto’s Festival of Beer. We offer hundreds of brews to try: some you have heard of, and some maybe not. We have created the New Brews presented by TekSavvy programme to do two things: 1) Allow brewers who have never been to our event the chance to feature their product to the masses. 2) Allow beer lovers the chance to discover new brews.

As part of this programme, we will be rolling out information about each participating brewer throughout the month of June in a series we are calling the TekSavvy Tap Series, to help you get to know who our New Brews are! So, without further ado – here is Skeleton Park Brewery:

What made you want to become a brewer? Tell your story!

My story of becoming a brewer is an unusual one. While I was teaching overseas in Southern Asia, the city that I was living in had become a dry city. The mayor at the time had ordered for every bar and pub to be shut down. Me and a fried of mine, who both had a bit of brewing experience, decided to open up a little “hangout” for our friend and have fresh beer brewed available. We rented out a spot above a bustling night market and began brewing. Our little hangout got fairly popular and turned into somewhat of a speakeasy brewpub. For legal reasons we decided to move the business to Taipei where we could operate a little more legitimately. I then moved home to Canada to open my own brewery.

What kind of beers will you be bringing to TFOB 2018? If you have tasting notes that you could share with fans, it will paint a picture of what they can expect? 

We will be bringing our Amber 66 and our Proper English with us. I’ve attached two flyers below with a description of the beer and the tasting notes.

Amber 66

This well-balanced European-style amber ale is the flagship to our Heritage Series. Reminiscent of our time as an early nation, we have held true to the big bodied, high ABV ales that were very popular among the hard working men and women who helped Canada become what it is today.

It is full bodied with a complex malt profile. Velvety and subtle. Notes of rye bread, cherry, and toast, with a warm highland whiskey finish. A true old-world ale.

Proper English

Vintage a vintage gets. This 150-year-old Extra Special Bitter recipe uses ingredients brought over from England by the United Empire Loyalists and still grown locally today. The simple complexity of this brilliant, golden ale recaptures a time of shared purpose and honest reward.

Earthy and slightly floral on the nose with notes of Sauvignon blanc. A malty, biscuit and pie-crust body. Hints of hazelnut and caramel with a crisp, dry finish.

What are you most excited about participating at TFOB 2018?

Beer festivals are always fun. It’s great meeting new people in the industry along with other brewers and of course it’s always fun to meet some new fans of our products.

Where can people find more information about your brewery, other brews you are making, etc?

More information about what we are all about can be found on our website and on our social media pages; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Make sure you check out the New Brews presented by TekSavvy on-site at TFOB 2018. There will be 12 brewers showcasing the fruits of their labour, along with free WiFi for beer lovers to share their discoveries.  We will feature each brewer leading up to TFOB 2018. And yes, the New Brews presented by TekSavvy pavilion will be on-site for all four days of TFOB.

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