Beer discovery is the most important part of Toronto’s Festival of Beer. We offer hundreds of brews to try: some you have heard of, and some maybe not. We have created the New Brews presented by TekSavvy programme to do two things: 1) Allow brewers who have never been to our event the chance to feature their product to the masses. 2) Allow beer lovers the chance to discover new brews.

As part of this programme, we will be rolling out information about each participating brewer throughout the month of June in a series we are calling the TekSavvy Tap Series, to help you get to know who our New Brews are! So, without further ado – here is Midtown Brewing Company:

What made you want to become a brewer? Tell your story!

Midtown founded by Paul Spike Lees and Mark Andrewsky as a Craft Brewery, Restaurant, Public house and Market in the center of wellington is well known for its relaxed atmosphere, good times and traditional beer styles, One of the few breweries in the area with a focus on traditional cask conditioned ales.

PSL Head Brewer; I started brewing with kits bought from the local pharmacy as a school science experiment, in buckets, in the kitchen aged 14  and Ive just kept going.   The more I learn the more i realize how much i don’t know.

I’m always amazed when the wort runs clear and the ferment take off and beer actually comes out of a bright tank. The thing i love the most is that ultimately this is a natural process thats been around in one form or another for thousands of years.

I feel that the process of making beer in traditional styles connects me directly with the social history of brewers, regions, people and cultures.

What kind of beers will you be bringing to TFOB 2018? If you have tasting notes that you could share with fans, it will paint a picture of what they can expect? 

Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Based on the classic unfiltered Extra Special Bitter, this beer has a medium Body with a clean dry finish, Its flavour profile is a balanced malt sweetness against the hop bittering. The hop profile is low

On the palate it shows caramel notes with a nutty middle and has dark stone fruits and a jamminess on the finish. The finish is accented at cellar drinking temperature 10-12C, while still maintaining a clean caramel and nutty character at lower serving temperatures.


This is a Canadian twist on the classic German Beer interplays lower levels of bittering hops accentuating the Pilsner malt and the earthy character from the wheat malt, creating a clean crisp easy drinking beer with a dry finish and a pleasant peach apricot aromas.

What are you most excited about participating at TFOB 2018?

Participating in TFOB its Midtown Brewing Company’s first venture out to a festival on this scale, Its always a pleasure to mingle with your pear group and try new brews and compare notes. you always learn something new as well as getting the opportunity to introduce our brews to new folks

Where can people find more information about your brewery, other brews you are making, etc?

We can be found at: or on Instagram: @midtownbrewingcompany

Make sure you check out the New Brews presented by TekSavvy on-site at TFOB 2018. There will be 12 brewers showcasing the fruits of their labour, along with free WiFi for beer lovers to share their discoveries.  We will feature each brewer leading up to TFOB 2018. And yes, the New Brews presented by TekSavvy pavilion will be on-site for all four days of TFOB.

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