Star Wars The Force Awakens The Beer Love In All Of Us



We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy. I want proof, not leads!

-Kendal Ozzel


We sent a probe droid to search for the perfect Star Wars related beer gifts. Star Wars meets the world of beer.

Not sure it gets any better than this…

Best Beer Gifts for Star Wars Lovers


1) Star Wars Growler – $36.78 and up.

Yoda Beer Growler and Glasses Toronto Festival of BeerMade to order growler etched with your favourite character.

Maybe get two growlers, one with Boba Fett and one with Han and they chase each other all around your kitchen empire?




2) Darth Vader Mounted Bottle Opener $68.14

Darth Vader Wall Mounted Beer Opener Toronto Festival of BeerKeep the Rebel Alliance and their beer on the run, with this magnificent addition to any wall.

Mount this glorious piece in any room.

And if some young Jedi decides not to use it… Feel free to use the ‘I find your lack of faith disturbing’ at any time.



3) R2-D2 Can Coolers – $6.99

Star Wards Beer Gifts R2D2 Beer Coozie Holiday Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerThere’s a reason why R2 is one of only two characters to appear in all 7 films… it’s because it is awesome.

R2 is so key to the story that you’ll want to re-watch the entire series with can in hand.

Whether your travels take you to Dagobah or Cloud City, make sure you bring your R2 can cooler to keep you company!


4) Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener. $30

Han Solo Carbonite Toronto Beer FestivalWhen Darth Vader forced Lando Calrissian to help capture Han, our hearts broke.

When he was frozen in carbonite for delivery to Jabba, one of the most iconic images of the series was born.

The Han in Carbonite image has been used on toys, fridges, and now this epic bottle opener.



5) Boba Fett Beer Stein $49.95

Boba Fett Beer Stein Toronto Beer FestivalDon’t let the silent demeanour of Boba Fett trick you into thinking this beer stein not the greatest gift ever!

The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy is now available for all your beer stein needs.




6) It’s a Nap! Pillow $15.99

Admiral Ackbar Pillow Case Star Wars Gift Idea Toronto Beer FestivalAfter your beer, snacks and movie watching, you may need a little shut eye.

Admiral Ackbar’s famous line takes on a whole new meaning with the It’s a Nap! pillow.

Sweet dreams my little amphibious admiral!



7) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store. $42.50-$82.50

This is the one event on your social calendar that members of the rebel alliance AND galactic empire will put down their ray guns, electrostaffs and light sabers for and pick up TFOB commemorate sample mugs.

Beer will be the main driver of a peaceful galaxy and it all starts with the over 300 brews available to sample at TFOB 2016.


Toronto's Festival Of Beer


If you see any others that are ‘must haves’, please post them below.

And enjoy Star Wars: The Force Awakens December 18th then TFOB 2016 on July 22-24 2016.