The celebrations start on March 17th!

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching on March 17 and that means one thing – BEER! Now, there’s nothing wrong with an Irish classic like Guinness. It’s certainly a staple on the list of St. Patrick’s Day greats but why not expand your horizons and try something new?

If that sounds like something you might be in to then today is your lucky day because we’ve made a list of some of our favourite Irish-style brews just for you.

There are still a few days left until St. Patrick’s Day, but this list should get you excited for the celebration to come. And as you count down the days until then, be sure to grab your tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store on July 24 to 26 at Bandshell Park and see Nas, Sam Roberts Band, TLC and more!

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Now let’s get to the beer! Here is your list of six brews that will take your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to the next level:

Inn O’Slainte Irish Red Ale from The Innocente Brewing Co.

Innocente Brewing Company

A play on the word, “Slainte”, which is an Irish Gaelic toast for good health, Inn O’Slainte is an Irish Red Ale that is deep amber in colour, with aromas of coffee, toasted nuts, orange zest and spice. Strong Patrick from Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company Where to Buy

Strong Patrick from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Beaus All Natural Brewing Company

Strong Patrick is Beau’s version of an Irish-style red ale. Rich and malty, this strong ale gains complexity through partial ageing in Irish whiskey casks. Since it was first brewed in 2012 for St. Patrick’s celebrations at Beau’s Brewery, it has now become a seasonal favourite every St. Patrick’s Day.

Traditional Irish Red from Brock Street brewing Co.

Brock Street Brewing Co.

Darker then most amber beers on the market, the Brock Street Irish Red is a traditional Irish Red and is gold medal winning brew at the 2016 OBA’s for the best Dark Ale. Ruby red in colour, full of malt and caramel flavours, and exactly what you would expect from a quality imported Irish Red Ale

Heritage Gold Pilsner from Hespeler Brewing Co.

Hespeler Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for something a little on the lighter side, Hespeler’s Pilsner showcases hops grown exclusively in Ontario. Naturally clear with an ultra-light body; a perfect showcase for the subtle flavor and aroma of Ontario’s Heritage hops.

Small Batch Irish Red from Moosehead

Moosehead Brewery

This small-batch red ale from Moosehead Breweries is a light amber colour and has aromas of malt, cocoa, caramel and grains. The perfect addition to your St. Patricks’ day bash!

Death By Coconut Irish Porter from Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues Brewery

Death By Coconut is an Irish Porter – similar to Guinness but with a unique twist. Bittersweet chocolate flavour comes together with raw coconut and a malt bill based around Simpson’s Extra Dark Crystal. Described as a rich, dessert-y flavour with a light, approachable mouthfeel.

There you have it – six tasty brews that will take your St. Patricks Day celebrations to the next level. Don’t forget to scoop up your #TOBeerFest tickets below while supplies last. If you have any questions about ticket types, THIS BLOG POST should help you out. That’s beer love baby! See you on July 24 to 26 at Bandshell Park!

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