Neal Brothers – Chef-inspired Kettle-style Chips!

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It’s been 25 years and Neal Brothers Food Inc. still comes up with the unthinkable!


We give you, Neal Brothers Foods’ chef-inspired Kettle-style Chip flavours, Srirachup™ and Delhi-licious!

Montreal chef and television host, Chuck Hughes and Vancouver-based chef (CBC’s newest Dragon) Vikram Vij have teamed up with the brothers to create two unique flavours inspired by their renowned cuisine and favourite spices and sauces.

The chefs brought life-influences to each of their chips. For Chef Vikram Vij, it was the flavours of New Delhi and Bombay, where he grew up. Chef Chuck Hughes took the all-time kitchen staple and added his favourite hot sauce. Both flavours have been added to the Neal Brothers Foods’ line of Kettle-style Chips, without the use of artificial or GMO ingredients, MSG or gluten.

Of course this begs the question, which beer do you pair these fancy flavoured chips? We got some of our friends to give their two-cents:

“I love an IPA with the Delhi-licious chips or an amber ale, and I love a clean, crisp lager with the Srirachup chips!” – Peter Neal, Neal Brothers Food Inc.

“I would recommend our west coast style pale-ale Canuck to go with the Srirachup, the light body and slight bitterness of the beer pairs amazingly with the spiciness of the chips.  As far as Delhi-Licious I would pair that with our Tank Ten IPA Karma Citra, the light citrus notes from the blend of hops we use goes amazingly with Indian food and is a great pallet cleanser.” – Tomas Baldasaro, Great Lakes Brewery

“A nice cold India Pale Ale” to go along with the chips. – Chef Vikram Vij.

Not only are these chips “snack and beer approved”, but you can cook with them too! Catch Chef Ted Reader in the Beerlicious Grilling Experience at the festival this weekend throwing both Srirachup and Delhi-licious into his grilling creations. Click here for the schedule.

We wouldn’t talk about these new and exciting chips without letting you have a little taste! Both the Srirarchup and Delhi-licious flavours will be available in the General Store for purchase at the festival.