You’ve waited until the last minute again. That’s so you! Don’t worry about it fam, we got you. Here’s a selection of gifts that beer lovers will enjoy. The best part… these are all super easy to get. Have a Hoppy Holiday filled with #BeerLove!

1) Gift Card for the Beer Store – $1 to $500

Just walk into a location of the Beer Store, put some money down and a gift card can be yours. Giving the gift of beer is like telling someone you are a true friend who really cares. Gift Cards can up to $500 and they never expire. It’s a Christmas Beeracle! The Beer Store website has more info.

2) ‘Bring Beer’ Socks – $12.73

The perfect pair of socks does not exi… These legendary socks are what your feet have been looking for. Send the right message this holiday season. If your friends or family can read your socks, they know what to do. Keeping it lazy, bro! Seriously, these are super cool socks. There’s also a few bundle deals from this seller on Sweet and Rosy.

3) Team Beer Helmets – $56.99

These helmets scream to the world that you and three friends take beer seriously, and not seriously all at the same time. It’s a 4 pack of helmets that you can get super quick via Amazon Prime.  No, these will not work in our festival, but you can wear them every other day of the year, like the legend you are.

4) Beer Mug Cufflinks – $39.99

Sometimes you gotta dress up. It’s just the reality of things now. You’re growing up. So, when you’re rocking that fr ench cuff shirt, why not show people the passion you have for the golden beverage? These are from Cuff Daddy and can be purchased via Amazon Prime, so you’ll get them right away.

5) TFOB 2018 Tickets – Starting at $30.00

This makes a whole lotta sense. You’re only a couple clicks away from gift perfection. Toronto’s Festival of Beer presnetd by the Beer Store is July 26-29 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place. Beer, Bands, Food.

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