5 Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers



It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when you either plan ahead or just chill… then scramble at the last minute. Either way, if you have a beer lover in your life, then you’ll want to check out this list of the best gifts for beer lovers!


1) Darth Vader Bottle Opener. $59.99

Darth Vader Bottle Opener Beer Gift Ideas Toronto Festival of BeerThe Sith Lord would totally approve of this purchase.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out December 18th at a theatre near you, Star Wars fandom is at an all time high.

Sure, there are other bottle openers out there, but once you come over to the dark side there’s no turning back.

Please note, if you are friends with any real Jedi knights, just tuck this opener in the drawer when they visit.

Can’t have a rebellion on your hands now can we?


2) The Beer Store Gift Card. $1-$500

Best Beer Gift Ideas Beer Store Gift Cards Toronto Festival of BeerBuying gift cards may be considered a cop out, BUT, not if it’s a beer gift card.

When you purchase this for a loved one, it says, “I love you. In fact, I love you so much that I travelled to my local Beer Store and purchased this gift card for you.”

The least they could do in return is go buy some brews straight away and share them with you. Cheers to you both.


3) The Book Of Beer Awesomeness. $9.99-$17.99

The Book Of Beer Awesomeness Beer Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerSo you’re buying gifts for Mr/Ms Fancy Pants and you keep hitting a brick wall with your options.

I mean you find awesome stuff, but remember you are getting THEM something, not you.

A book is always the answer and this book always seems to find a home when people create lists about beer gifts.


4) The Beer Soap Company. $6.75 and up. (USD)

Beer Soap Toronto Beer Festival Best Gift IdeasYes, they make soap with beer in it.

There are hundreds of different types available and, not gunna lie, they look amazing.

Find out your beer lovers feav type of beer (ale/lager/bock/etc) and you can pair that with their new fav type of soap.

Yes, the Beer Soap Company ships to Canada.


5) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store. $42.50-$80.50

It’s a legendary weekend in the summer that is not to be missed. Get the beer lover in your life tickets to TFOB 2016!

Use code word GIFT and get $5 off regular admission tickets or step up and get them Hoptimized tickets which will get them 5 extra tokens and early entrance. (Note: the promo code does not work for Hoptimized or VIP tix).

Buy ‘em, print ‘em, place ‘em under the mistletoe (and grab your selfie stick) to capture an incredible moment! That’s #BeerLove.

Toronto's Festival Of Beer

As always, we encourage donations to charity as excellent options. Here are some friends of ours:

War Child

Friends of the GreenBelt Foundation

Sheena’s Place


Any other suggestions for great beer gifts? Please post them in the comments below…

Have a safe and happy holiday season.