Festival Policies

No over-serving of alcohol will be tolerated under any circumstances. No alcoholic beverages over 10% alc./vol. are to be served at the Festival.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in loss of exhibitor privileges without a refund.

Only one sample cup per person is permitted – Exhibitors CANNOT pour product into more than one cup per person – this is strictly prohibited.

Exhibitors CANNOT be under the influence of alcohol at ANY TIME while serving alcohol to Festival patrons. In order for an exhibitor to consume alcohol, their exhibitor badge must be turned into Festival Management for the duration of the day, to be retrieved the following day at the Exhibitor Trailer.

All persons responsible for serving alcohol or those coming in contact with alcohol in exhibitor booths must be “Smart Serve” certified. Exhibitors are mandated to provide a “Smart Serve” certification number for each individual staff member in their online staff registration. The Festival, in cooperation with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will enforce this program. No exceptions will be tolerated. For more information please visit www., or call 1-877-620-6082.

No cash transactions for alcohol are permitted between exhibitors and festival guests. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in loss of exhibitor privileges without a refund.
Serving prior to and/or after Festival hours of operation is not permitted and free sampling is not permitted. Both of these actions will result in loss of exhibitor privileges without a refund.

As we continue to be challenged by the AGCO to ensure proper and correct accounting of all product purchased and served under our SOP we will be required to audit all Exhibitor product consumption against token redemptions. Any discrepancies will be flagged and you will be charged 20% of the product signed for and consumed verses 20% of the token redemptions submitted, per the Exhibitor Agreement.

All beer exhibitors MUST have water available (either complimentary or for purchase) at their booth, as an alternative to beer.

With the exception of exhibitor beer bottles, which must be emptied into the plastic sampling cups by the exhibitor, no glassware is allowed anywhere on site under any circumstance. The Festival organizers will provide the official Festival sampling cups.
Each exhibitor will receive six (6) Exhibitor badges per day as their credentials for the Festival. A list of who is receiving each badge must be submitted online to Beerlicious Inc. no later than two weeks before the Festival. If more badges are required, they will be available for purchase at $40 each/per day. No free admission to the Festival will be granted if the badge is not shown upon entry. There are no exceptions. Any exhibitor attempting to gain entry for themselves or any of their associates, without proper credentials, will lose their exhibitor privileges without a refund.

Exhibitors may not share exhibitor space, without the expressed written consent of Beerlicious Inc.

Brewery exhibitors are permitted to sample malt based beverages ONLY. No alcohol based beverages are permitted without the expressed written consent of Beerlicious Inc.

No brewery exhibitor may dispense food at any time without the expressed written consent of Beerlicious Inc.

All promotional items to be given away at the Festival must be pre-approved by Festival Management. (i.e. whistles or noise makers of any type will not be accepted as promotional giveaways.)

Any exhibitors utilizing a sound system must maintain reasonable noise levels as not to disturb other exhibitors. Beerlicious Inc. will monitor sound levels throughout the Festival. Any exhibitors that do not maintain reasonable noise levels and do not abide by requests to lower sound levels will be subject to a fine of $750 and booth closure.
All exhibitors must abide by all local health, safety, alcohol and fire regulations at their cost.

A minimum of no less than two staff members must be present in each Exhibitor’s booth at all times

All exhibitors must maintain their booths in a respectable order and all accumulated trash must be bagged for pick-up throughout the event.

Exhibitor booths must be fully operational throughout all the posted hours of the Festival. Any Exhibitor caught tearing down or leaving earlier than times indicated on the contract will be assessed a non-negotiable flat fee of $250/hour.

The organizer’s posted load in, set-up and load out times must be adhered to without exception.

Lost, stolen or damaged Festival property (chairs, tables, lights, etc…) will be charged back to the exhibitor.

All exhibitors must have proper liability insurance in the amount of three million dollars ($3,000,000) for participation inToronto’s Festival of Beer and must name Toronto’s Festival of Beer, Beerlicious Inc., Board of Governors of Exhibition Place, City of Toronto and Canadian National Exhibition Association as “additional insured”.