TFOB Friday with Nas!

Live Friday, July 22 2022, Bandshell Stage, Ex Place

Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store is proud to announce the one and only Nas as the official headliner for the opening night of its 2022 festival. The iconic rap legend will perform on Friday, July 22.

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Nas is one of the most iconic lyricists to ever grace the microphone. He is a gifted poet, confessor, agitator, metaphor master, and tongue twisting genius. Ever since he dropped his 1994 album Illmatic, the hiphop game changed forever and people to this day continue to refer to it as one of the greatest hiphop albums of all time. An album which he released before he was legal drinking age.

Three decades on, Nas continues to be the explosive, outspoken and brutally candid rapper we all love with timeless hits like If I Ruled the World, N.Y. State of Mind, The Message, Nas Is Like, It Ain’t Hard To Tell, Made You Look, and so many more.

Nas – If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)

Nas – Nas Is Like

Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell

Nas – The World Is Yours

Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by THE BEER STORE is a three day celebration of the golden beverage!  Join us from July 22 to 24 for hundreds of brews, an amazing selection of food and live entertainment each and every day. 

Make this your Summer tradition! Below are the links to the other days available. We have a bunch more announcements coming up for this year so stay tuned!



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TFOB Thursday with Broken Social Scene and The Rural Alberta Advantage

The wait is finally over! The First Taste of TFOB 2018 and opening night headliners are here and we couldn’t be more excited. Toronto-based performers Broken Social Scene and The Rural Alberta Advantage will perform live on the OLG Bandshell Stage on Thursday, July 26 to kick-off the legendary weekend. You do not want to miss this night. TFOB Thursday gates open at 5:00pm and the best part is that opening night tickets are only 50 bucks! Get your tickets now before they are all gone.

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Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by the Beer Store is a 4 day celebration of the golden beverage! This year, we’re celebrating 22 glorious years. Join us in July for hundreds of brews, an amazing selection of food and live entertainment each and every day.  Make this your summer tradition! Below are the links to the other days available.  If you have any questions about ticket types THIS BLOG POST should help you out.


TFOB Saturday: SOLD OUT!

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See the full Site Map here Site Map

Time Event Location
3:00pm **Doors open for Hoptimize/VIP ticket holders** Main Gates
4:30pm **Doors open for General Admission Ticket Holders** Main Gates
4:30pm Chef Matt Dean Pettit (MATTY’S SEAFOOD) Grilling Tent
5:30pm Chef Carl Heinrich (RICHMOND STATION) Grilling Tent
6:00pm Opening Ceremony with Mayor John Tory Main Stage
6:30pm Lindsay Greflund (TKO CAKES) Grilling Tent
7:30pm City Natives Main Stage
7:30pm Chef Julie Marteleira (LEÑA RESTAURANTE) Grilling Tent
8:30pm Saukrates Main Stage
8:30pm Chef Ted Reader (TED’S WORLD FAMOUS BBQ) Grilling Tent
9:30pm Method Man & Redman Main Stage
10:30pm **Last call for alcohol**
10:45pm **TAPS OFF**
11:00pm **Gates Closed – Get Home Safe**


143 Brasseurs
76All or Nothing Brewhouse
99Amsterdam Brewery
54Angry Orchard
80Beau's All Natural Brewing Company
21Big Rock Brewery
93Bobcaygeon Brewing Company
58Brick Brewing
26Brickworks Ciderhouse
94Brock Street Brewing Company
32Caple Rd. Craft Cider
31Charles Well's
1Chimney Stax Baking Co.
96Cool Beer Brewing Co
84Cowbell Brewing Co.
22Czechvar, Czechvar Dark, Tiger, Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Gold, Lancaster Bomber, Old Speckled Hen, Abbot Ale, Belhaven Black, Bitburger, Wernesgruner, Benediktiner, Tempt No. 9, Carib
16Faxe Premium, Faze Red, Faxe Amber, Faxe 7.1, Faxe Extra Strong
79Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
86Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
87Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
88Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
60Goose Island
9Granville Island Brewing
89Great Lakes Brewery
59Guinness Blonde
5Heirloom Food Truck
91Henderson Brewing Company
83High Park Brewery
97Hop City Brewing Co.
98Hop City Brewing Co.
10Horizon Beers Inc.
2Hot Bunzz Street Cuizine
51Innis & Gunn
52Innis & Gunn
92Left Field Brewery
77Lost Craft
66Mangia & Bevi
39Melt Grilled Cheese
55Mill Street
56Mill Street
6Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
7Northern Maverick Brewing Co.
34Not Your Father's Root Beer
95Old Credit Brewing Co
90Old Tomorrow
64Ontario Corn Roasters
20Oyster Boy
65Pie Commission
15Pilsner Urquell
8Pommies Cider Co.
19Q4Q Beer Company (Naughty Otter)
82Rainhard Brewing
11Rickard's Red
53Samuel Adams
81Shawn & Ed Brewing Company
57Shiny Apple Cider
13Thomas Hinds Tobacconist
12Waterloo Brewing Ltd.
FRANK Brewing Co.
Manantler Craft Brewing Co.
Post -Game Brewing Co.
Upper Thames Brewing Co.
Rorschach Brewing Inc.
Badger Fursty Ferret
Delirium Tremens
Duchesse de Bourgogne
Erdinger Weissbier
Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier
Erdinger Alkoholfrei,
Fruli Strawberry Beer
Mort Subite Kriek
Mongozo Premium Pilsener
O'Hara's Irish Stout
Stiegl Lager
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler
Bud Light
Coors Light, Coors Banquet, Canadian, Miller Lite/MGD, Strongbow, Lagunitas
Corona Extra
Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Creemore & BATCH
Fidel Gastro's
Jack Link's
Jameson Caskmates
Mad Jack/Belgian Moon
Moosehead Lager
Moosehead Pale Ale
Moosehad Anniversary Ale
Moosehead Cracked Canoe
Mooshead Radler
Estrella Damm
Daura Damm
Queen Margherita Pizza
Rickard's Radler
Smoke's Poutinerie
Somersby & Kronenbourg1664 Blanc
South St. Burger
Steam Whistle Brewing
Ted's World Famous BBQ
Ted's BeerDogs
Tiny Tom Donuts
Twisted Tea

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Best Beer Gifts That You Can Wear

Not all beer gifts you can drink, sadly. We threw this list together of beer gifts that you can wear. Hats, shirts, hoodies and even socks and underwear. If you have the body part, we found you something to cover it with! Have yourself a Hoppy Christmas!


Boneshaker Baseball T from Amsterdam Brewery

bone_baseball_1024x1024Unfiltered, like the beer itself, this kick ass baseball tee is perfect for the fan of this great brewery and most importantly skeletons who ride bikes!

Toque from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

winter-toque-16-600x600Put this on the head of a special someone and it will not only keep them warm… it will also alert the world that it is 5 o’clock somewhere. Funky design from a funky brewery that make quality beer. The Ontario Brewing Awards gave Hoptical Illusion by Flying Monkeys the ‘Best In Show’ label at this years’ award show.

Hoodie from Great Lakes Brewery

glb_hoodie_002_1024x1024Let’s face it. You and the beer lovers in your life need hoodies. The more the merrier. When has anyone ever said “You know, I have too many cool hoodies. The answer is: never. This one is super simple with the GLB logo. Can’t lose!

Hockey Jersey from Beau’s

hockey_sweater_largeThis jersey is no joke. We are uncertain if it’s too nice to wear playing hockey, but if you do wear it, rest assured that you will be rocking the finest jersey on the ice. You’ll be repping Vankleek Hill with that killer crest… now go work on skating backwards… you need the help.

Racerback Tank from Pommies

pd_womenbt2Show cider pride with this sleek tank from Pommies. Show your gluten-free friend that you care and support Ontario farmers (because Pommies only use apples from Ontario farms). Win/Win.

Boxer Shorts from Minhas Breweries

minhasbrewery_merchandise_boxershorts_grandeBoxer shorts from… wait for it…  Boxer Lager! It’s too good. How do you not even own these yet?

Baseball Hat from Gananoque Brewing

gan-hatWhy not cop one of these bad boys for the beer lover in your life. It’s one of those conversation starters… “Hey friend, where did you get that hat? Sorry, can you pronounce it again? How does the beer taste?” One size fits all!

Socks from Steam Whistle

dress_socks_1024x1024You have a friend who really need these socks. It could be because they love Steam Whistle Pilsner, or it could be because they really need to step up their style game. Either way, you’ll put a smile on someone’s face faster than you can say ‘stocking stuffer’.

Trucker Hat from All Or Nothing

black_brim_yellow_truckersmallerPut your dukes up with this super cool mesh back hat. That shirtless chap is named Cornelius and he don’t mess around… neither do you… when that special someone wears this hat they will receive many compliments – and they will always remember you.

Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer



Yeah, yeah… you can’t wear tickets, but it IS the biggest beer festival in the country. Grab your #BeerFam and come discover new brews and old favs. Use promo code CHRISTMAS to save $5 off general admission tickets.



Take a look at the video below to get a taste of what TFOB is all about. #TFOB2017 is July 28-30 Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place. This year our feature country is *drum roll please* … CANADA! No better time than Canada’s 150th celebration aka: #Canada150, to raise a glass with breweries and brews from coast to coast! We’ll bring the best of the best to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by the Beer Store.

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