7 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss Toronto’s Festival of Beer on Friday July 22

Toronto Festical of Beer and House of Pain


We were sitting around the office talking about our weekends. We covered the usual stuff: what TV shows we binge watched, what beer we sampled, what events we went to… you know, the usual. The radio was on in the background. It was on 93.5 The Move (full disclosure, 93.5 the Move is one of our radio partners). Then, outta nowhere, the House Of Pain classic ‘Jump Around’ came on. The horns at the beginning of that song made our convo change to how awesome the Friday night at TFOB is gonna be. Here is our staff curated list on why Friday July 22 is not to be missed:


1) House Of Pain

Legendary Hip Hop artists House Of Pain are known to be incredible live. This is your chance to see Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal in concert under the stars at Bandshell stage. We couldn’t think of a better group of artists to open the first day of TFOB. Seriously, this is going to be off the charts. Just get some tickets NOW!

2) Maestro

The Pioneer of Canadian Hip Hop, Maestro Fresh Wes has been added to TFOB Friday. Our backbones will be slipping while we are sipping on one of the 333 beautiful brews. Can’t wait to hear some of Wes’s classics along with celebrating his new stuff. This is gunna be unreal. Use code HOUSE to save $5 off tickets.

3) Sampling Under The Stars

Sipping a tasty bevy at that perfect time when day becomes night is magical. A quick staff poll shows that 4/6 of TFOB staffers love this time of day. (So, that’s pretty much a scientific study). Being at TFOB when it’s both light and dark out is quite an experience. Sunshine and chill to jumping around faster than you can say Shamrocks & Shenanigans.


4) Day 1-ers

The first day energy of TFOB is something else. It will be palpable. Everyone will feel it: brewers, food purveyors, staff, and most of all – you, the people. The electricity that flows from person to person when the gates and taps open for the very first time is unlike any other event. It’s also the start of the weekend so you know good times are top priority for all.


5) The Beer

If you have a favourite beer, it will be here. If you are all about discovering new stuff, then we got your back, fam. Over 333 brands of beer are here. The single biggest piece of feedback we receive after each event wraps is ‘Discovery’, like I discovered this beer or that beer or my new favourite beer. Can’t wait for you to find yours! See the full list!


6) Only 500 Tickets Remain!

At the time of writing this, VIP Tickets and Hoptimized Tickets are SOLD OUT and there are only about 500 general admission tickets left. Get yours NOW!


7) Sample Sweden

A 10,000 square foot pavilion that focuses on all things Sweden: 28 Swedish brews, 2 Award Winning Swedish Chefs and more. Sample Sweden happens all weekend long and is in partnership with The Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Ikea Canada, Volvo Cars of Canada, and Bier Markt – where you can get a taste of Sample Sweden in GTA location from July 11 to 24.

Here’s a taste of House of Pain live:

See you on July 22 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place where we’ll all get up, get up, and get down.

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#tasteTFOB: 5 Glorious Food Facts From TFOB

Toronto’s Festival of Beer Food Line Up


We hear it every year. ‘The food at your event is amazing’. The feedback we get about the food is vital because we know how important it is to pair our vast selection of beer offerings with great food.  In fact, the President of Toronto’s Festival of Beer (his name is Les) is a serious foodie. He’s always talking about new restaurants, great chefs, and unique dining experiences. Seriously, he is always talking about it. (like maybe even a little too much, but he is the president so we go along with it) *Remember to get the intern to delete this line later*

The food purveyors we bring to our event and the chefs we have in the Club House La Grille Grilling Tent are all hand selected by us and our buddy Afrim from The Cheese Boutique. So here it is… The Top 5 Things To Know About The Food At TFOB

1) The Chefs

Over 16 rock star chefs will be showcasing their culinary skill inside the Club House La Grille Grilling Tent. They are: Chef Albert Ponzo, Chef Amanda Ray, Chef Alida Solomon, Chef Basilio Pesce, Chef Cory Vitiello, Chef Craig Harding, Chef Devin Connell, Chef Eric Pateman, Chef Frank Parhizgar, Chef Ivana Raca, Chef Michael Hunter, Chef Patrick McMurray, Chef Rocco Agostino, Chef Ted Reader, Chef Trevor Lui, and Chef Trista Shee …. WOWZA!!!

2) The Food

Scattered around Bandshell Park inside Exhibitioon Place, you’ll find a wide array of food options. They include: Campagnolo, Dawgfather, Fidel Gastro’s, Tiny Tom Donuts, Melt Grilled Cheese, Ontario Corn Roasters, Oyster Boy, The Pie Commission, Queen Margherita Pizza, Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine, The County General, Mangia & Bevi, Smoke’s Poutinerie, South St Burger Co., Ted Reader’s World Famous BBQ, Mama Ratty Pies. See the full list!

3) Other Food Options

Yes, there will be gluten free and vegetarian options. There will also be a few non-alcoholic drink options and, of course, we have many water stations throughout the venue for water and water refills.

4) A Contest!

You can win tickets to #TFOB2016 and get your food taken care of all courtesy of Foodism TO.

5) Pairs With Beer

When you’re at the Festival and getting a beer, talk to the person working for the Brewery. They know their beer and can probably recommend what goes with it. Take advantage of the experts!! HERE is a list of all the breweries that will be at the Festival this year.

Read the full #tasteTFOB press release HERE.

Read 6 Facts About The Beer at #TFOB2016 HERE.

Hope to see you July 22-24! Get your tickets below…

Use promo code VARIETY and save $5 off general admission tickets

Get tickets now!

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Gourmet Fare; The Perfect Pairing For 333 Brews!

Toronto’s Festival of Beer Food Line Up

TORONTO, ON (June 20, 2016) – Foodies rejoice! It’s time to #tasteTFOB at Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store. On July 22 to 24, Toronto’s longest running and most legendary summer beer event returns to Bandshell Park at Exhibition Place, with a roster of rock star Chefs, superb food purveyors, and the Club House La Grille Grilling Tent to help take the beer sampling experience to new heights. This year, Toronto’s Festival of Beer welcomes over 16 chefs and over 16 food purveyors including South St. Burger Company – the official burger of TFOB.

“Come to Toronto’s Festival of Beer for the beer, but stay for the food!” said Les Murray, President of Intelivents, operator of Toronto’s Festival of Beer. “2016 will see more food options than ever before and the Grilling Tent experience will showcase grilling with beer and so much more!”

This year, the Grilling Tent at Toronto’s Festival of Beer is presented exclusively by Club House La Grille and is in partnership with Labatt Breweries of Canada, Thirst for Knowledge Inc., Broil King, Ted’s World Famous BBQ, and curated by Afrim Pristine of The Cheese Boutique.

“We’re so excited to be celebrating the highly-anticipated BBQ season at the Toronto Festival of Beer,” said Linda Liu, Product Manager, McCormick Canada. “We’ll be sharing our favourite flavours throughout the Festival, bringing beer and BBQ lovers the delicious BBQ meals we know they’ve been craving.”

Chefs scheduled to appear in the Club House La Grille Grilling Tent include:

  • Chef Albert Ponzo
  • Chef Amanda Ray
  • Chef Alida Solomon
  • Chef Basilio Pesce
  • Chef Cory Vitiello
  • Chef Craig Harding
  • Chef Devin Connell
  • Chef Eric Pateman
  • Chef Frank Parhizgar
  • Chef Ivana Raca
  • Chef Michael Hunter
  • Chef Patrick McMurray
  • Chef Rocco Agostino
  • Chef Ted Reader
  • Chef Trevor Lui
  • Chef Trista Shee

Food purveyors include:

  • Campagnolo
  • Dawgfather
  • Fidel Gastro’s
  • Tiny Tom Donuts
  • MELT Grilled Cheese
  • Ontario Corn Roasters
  • Oyster Boy
  • The Pie Commission
  • Queen Margherita Pizza
  • Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine
  • The County General
  • Smoke’s Poutinerie
  • South St. Burger Company
  • Ted Reader’s World Famous BBQ
  • Mama Ratty Pies
  • Mangia & Bevi

Tickets for the legendary Saturday of Toronto’s Festival of Beer are already sold out. For more information or to purchase tickets please click HERE. Use code VARIETY to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

Twitter: TOBeerFestival

Instagram: TOBeerFestival

Facebook: Toronto’s Festival of Beer

About Toronto’s Festival of Beer:

Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a celebration of Canada’s rich brewing history, showcasing experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Toronto’s Festival of Beer is Canada’s premier celebration of the golden beverage. Toronto’s Festival of Beer’s summer festival will take place July 22-24 at Bandshell Park in Exhibition Place, presented by The Beer Store.

For more information please contact:   

Jon Sinden

VP of Marketing

416-635-9889 x 26

Davide De Laurentiis

Marketing Coordinator

416-635-9889 x 27

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333 Reasons To Attend TFOB July 22-24



Toronto, ON. (June 14, 2016) — Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store, is proud to announce its roster of breweries being showcased on July 22 to 24 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place. These breweries will come together, in partnership with Indie 88, to create the ultimate beer sampling experience of the summer, with over 333 different beers for patrons to satisfy their taste-buds.

Showcasing both local and international breweries, Toronto’s Festival of Beer will pair food and music for Canada’s largest summer beer celebration. The festival will also present Ontario House, a collective of 25 Ontario breweries alongside a showcase focusing on beer from around the world, which will be announced in early July.

“Beer lovers will certainly enjoy the wide selection of brewers participating at Toronto’s Festival of Beer,” said Les Murray, President of INTELIVENTS. “With a focus on locally produced brews and international offerings, consumers will have a world of beer to discover.”

Below is the current list of brewers that are participating in Toronto’s Festival of Beer on July 22 to 24:




Toronto’s Festival of Beer will also feature a number of ‘new brews’ at the annual summer event. These include breweries like Bobcaygeon Brewing Company, Henderson Brewing Co., Sextant Craft Brewery, Shawn & Ed Brewing Company, Falcon Brewing Company and also Ontario Brewing Award Winner for Newcomer of the Year: Brock Street Brewing.

The beer programming at Toronto’s Festival of Beer is rounded out by The Beer School Sessions in partnership with Prud’homme Beer Certification and the Ontario Brewing Awards to educate patrons on all things related to beer.


Twitter: TOBeerFestival

Instagram: TOBeerFestival

Facebook: Toronto’s Festival of Beer


About Toronto’s Festival of Beer:

Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a celebration of Canada’s rich brewing history, showcasing experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Toronto’s Festival of Beer is Canada’s premier celebration of the golden beverage. Toronto’s Festival of Beer’s summer festival will take place July 22-24 at Bandshell Park in Exhibition Place, presented by The Beer Store.


For more information please contact:

Jon Sinden

VP of Marketing

416-635-9889 x 26

Davide De Laurentiis

Marketing Coordinator

416-635-9889 x 27

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Best Beer Gifts for Valentine’s Day

#BeerLove Carved Tree

“I’ve only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror.” – Sid Vicious

Um… So on that note, if you’ve been searching for that perfect item for your special someone on Valentine’s Day, we created this list for you. After searching the webz, here’s our list of the best beer gifts for Vday…

1) Beer Cuff Links – $112.36

beercufflinksThese cuff links are super cool – mixing sterling silver and needlepoint. A tad on the pricey side but the Etsy reviews of the seller are very impressive. Your French Cuff will probably never look better… like ever…

2) Retro Beer Ad pendant – $20.97

RetroBeerAdPendantIt could be a pin. Could be a necklace. Either way, this retro beer ad pendant will show people two things: 1) you enjoy a fine golden bevvy every now and then, and 2) you have someone super stylish in your life. After all, they bought this for you. The retro pin up thing is still cool and the price is definitely right .

3) Brown Leather Wrist Watch – $35.75

BeerWatchIs this real life? I must be dreaming. You mean to tell me that every time I look at my wrist I’ll be reminded that it might be Beer o’clock?  Sign me up!

4) Hop Earrings – $50.94

HopEarringsIf wearing earrings that look like little vines of hops is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Crush that little black dress look with these fab accessories. Now google-ing Hops purse so we can complete the look.

5) The Beer Store Gift Card – $1 – $500.00

BeerStoreGIftCardYou ever heard the saying, ‘If you truly love someone, give them beer”?? No? Well, Now you have! Let’s make this a thing.

6) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer – $42.50 – $80.50

TFOB TicketsA couple that beer festivals’ together, stays together. ‘Nuff said. Use code BIGSUGAR20 for $5 off regular tickets.

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10 of the Most Awesome Beer Gifts from Brewers

Toronto’s Festival of Beer Gifts From Breweries


We work with hundreds of brewers and we’ve gotta say; we have #BeerLove for all! Big or small, we support all things beer.

With gift giving season upon us, we scoured the beer interwebz (so you don’t have to!) and searched out some pretty cool beer gift ideas.

Raise a glass this holiday season and rest assured, the beer lover in your life will love one of these gifts from brewers:

Best Holiday Beer Gift Ideas


1) Beau’s Skateboard Deck. $60.00

Beaus Skateboard Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerThis Winter, hit the indoor skate parks in style with this super cool deck.

Add some trucks and wheels, take off your shirt, and you are ready to shred, brah!

After the cast comes off, mount the deck to your wall and use it as a shelf for other cool beer knick knacks.

Bonus: $10 from each board is donated to Ottawa Skateboard association.


2) All Or Nothing Brewhouse Feisty Tap Handle. $39.99

Underdog Brewhouse Beer Tap Toronto Beer FestivalFor those of you who are serious enough to have kegs in your home (and we hope that’s many of you), you need a proper tap handle to pour delicious brews.

The fine folks at All Or Nothing Brewhouse are ready to roll up their sleeves, spit on their hands and bareknuckle box you with awesome gifts this Xmas!




3) Coors Light Money Clip– $18.99

Coors Light Money Clip Best Beer Lover Gifts Toronto Beer FestivalHold on to your cash (and ID and stuff too), with this super cool accessory.

Nothing says ‘high roller’ like a flashy money clip to hold your fat stacks!





4) Spearhead’s Sam Roberts Band Session Ale T-shirt. $24.99

Sam Roberts Session Ale T-Shirt Beer Lover Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerRock n roll meets beer with this killer tee.

Printed on premium, unisex, cotton this t-shirt is one you will want to wear all year long.

Just don’t wear it to a Sam Roberts show. That would be awkward.



5) Steam Whistle Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – $24.95

Steam Whistle Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerComes with strong magnets to mount on the fridge, or screws to mount on the wall.

It’s sturdily constructed and we can vouch for it because we have one on our office fridge!





6) Brickworks Ciderhouse Mason Jar – $5

Brickworks Ciderhouse Mason Jar Gift Idea Toronto Beer FestivalA beautiful, clear jar to drink your cider out of.

Add two straws and reenact the scene from Lady & The Tramp, but minus the spaghetti.

When you fall in love forever-ever, remember who suggested this tactic.

We can only assume our wedding invite is in the mail.

Optional black lid for $0.25.


7) Muskoka Dinner Jacket – $75.00

Muskoka Dinner Jacket Gift Idea Toronto Festival Of BeerWhat’s red and black and awesome all over? This stylish jacket, yo!

How can something be so country and so classy all at once?

We don’t know, but it’s all happening with this jacket.




8) Sawdust City presents Hummingbird Homestead Soap – $15.00

Sawdust City Homestead Soap Beer Gift Ideas Toronto Festival of BeerLone Pine IPA is one delicious and tasty beer.

Now imagine it in soap form all over your body.

Now add the love of your life actually sharing a Lone Pine with you while this is all happening. (*Note: this is how babies get made)

Can’t think of anything better!!!



9) Budweiser Red Light – $159.00

Budweiser Red Light Toronto Beer FestivalSync it up and get ready to cheer on your favourite hockey team.

Perfect addition to the man cave.

Put it right next to the painting of dogs playing poker and you’re set. (Pretty sure the English Bulldog is cheating, btw.)




10) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store. $42.50-$80.50

No, it’s not too early to think about summer, so get the beer lover in your life tickets to the beer event of the summer; with 35,000+ attendees over three glorious days.

Use code word GIFT and get $5 off regular admission tickets or step up and get them Hoptimized tickets which will get them 5 extra tokens and early entrance.

Note: the promo code does not work for Hoptimized or VIP tix.

You can also get creative with how you give the tickets. Buy ‘em, print ‘em, place ‘em in case of beer?

Or hang them from the tree? Be festive! That’s #BeerLove.


Toronto's Festival Of Beer

If you find any other awesome gift ideas from one of your favourite brewers, please post it below. Cheers to the Holidays!

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5 Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers



It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when you either plan ahead or just chill… then scramble at the last minute. Either way, if you have a beer lover in your life, then you’ll want to check out this list of the best gifts for beer lovers!


1) Darth Vader Bottle Opener. $59.99

Darth Vader Bottle Opener Beer Gift Ideas Toronto Festival of BeerThe Sith Lord would totally approve of this purchase.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out December 18th at a theatre near you, Star Wars fandom is at an all time high.

Sure, there are other bottle openers out there, but once you come over to the dark side there’s no turning back.

Please note, if you are friends with any real Jedi knights, just tuck this opener in the drawer when they visit.

Can’t have a rebellion on your hands now can we?


2) The Beer Store Gift Card. $1-$500

Best Beer Gift Ideas Beer Store Gift Cards Toronto Festival of BeerBuying gift cards may be considered a cop out, BUT, not if it’s a beer gift card.

When you purchase this for a loved one, it says, “I love you. In fact, I love you so much that I travelled to my local Beer Store and purchased this gift card for you.”

The least they could do in return is go buy some brews straight away and share them with you. Cheers to you both.


3) The Book Of Beer Awesomeness. $9.99-$17.99

The Book Of Beer Awesomeness Beer Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerSo you’re buying gifts for Mr/Ms Fancy Pants and you keep hitting a brick wall with your options.

I mean you find awesome stuff, but remember you are getting THEM something, not you.

A book is always the answer and this book always seems to find a home when people create lists about beer gifts.


4) The Beer Soap Company. $6.75 and up. (USD)

Beer Soap Toronto Beer Festival Best Gift IdeasYes, they make soap with beer in it.

There are hundreds of different types available and, not gunna lie, they look amazing.

Find out your beer lovers feav type of beer (ale/lager/bock/etc) and you can pair that with their new fav type of soap.

Yes, the Beer Soap Company ships to Canada.


5) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store. $42.50-$80.50

It’s a legendary weekend in the summer that is not to be missed. Get the beer lover in your life tickets to TFOB 2016!

Use code word GIFT and get $5 off regular admission tickets or step up and get them Hoptimized tickets which will get them 5 extra tokens and early entrance. (Note: the promo code does not work for Hoptimized or VIP tix).

Buy ‘em, print ‘em, place ‘em under the mistletoe (and grab your selfie stick) to capture an incredible moment! That’s #BeerLove.

Toronto's Festival Of Beer

As always, we encourage donations to charity as excellent options. Here are some friends of ours:

War Child

Friends of the GreenBelt Foundation

Sheena’s Place


Any other suggestions for great beer gifts? Please post them in the comments below…

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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Star Wars The Force Awakens The Beer Love In All Of Us



We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy. I want proof, not leads!

-Kendal Ozzel


We sent a probe droid to search for the perfect Star Wars related beer gifts. Star Wars meets the world of beer.

Not sure it gets any better than this…

Best Beer Gifts for Star Wars Lovers


1) Star Wars Growler – $36.78 and up.

Yoda Beer Growler and Glasses Toronto Festival of BeerMade to order growler etched with your favourite character.

Maybe get two growlers, one with Boba Fett and one with Han and they chase each other all around your kitchen empire?




2) Darth Vader Mounted Bottle Opener $68.14

Darth Vader Wall Mounted Beer Opener Toronto Festival of BeerKeep the Rebel Alliance and their beer on the run, with this magnificent addition to any wall.

Mount this glorious piece in any room.

And if some young Jedi decides not to use it… Feel free to use the ‘I find your lack of faith disturbing’ at any time.



3) R2-D2 Can Coolers – $6.99

Star Wards Beer Gifts R2D2 Beer Coozie Holiday Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerThere’s a reason why R2 is one of only two characters to appear in all 7 films… it’s because it is awesome.

R2 is so key to the story that you’ll want to re-watch the entire series with can in hand.

Whether your travels take you to Dagobah or Cloud City, make sure you bring your R2 can cooler to keep you company!


4) Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener. $30

Han Solo Carbonite Toronto Beer FestivalWhen Darth Vader forced Lando Calrissian to help capture Han, our hearts broke.

When he was frozen in carbonite for delivery to Jabba, one of the most iconic images of the series was born.

The Han in Carbonite image has been used on toys, fridges, and now this epic bottle opener.



5) Boba Fett Beer Stein $49.95

Boba Fett Beer Stein Toronto Beer FestivalDon’t let the silent demeanour of Boba Fett trick you into thinking this beer stein not the greatest gift ever!

The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy is now available for all your beer stein needs.




6) It’s a Nap! Pillow $15.99

Admiral Ackbar Pillow Case Star Wars Gift Idea Toronto Beer FestivalAfter your beer, snacks and movie watching, you may need a little shut eye.

Admiral Ackbar’s famous line takes on a whole new meaning with the It’s a Nap! pillow.

Sweet dreams my little amphibious admiral!



7) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store. $42.50-$82.50

This is the one event on your social calendar that members of the rebel alliance AND galactic empire will put down their ray guns, electrostaffs and light sabers for and pick up TFOB commemorate sample mugs.

Beer will be the main driver of a peaceful galaxy and it all starts with the over 300 brews available to sample at TFOB 2016.


Toronto's Festival Of Beer


If you see any others that are ‘must haves’, please post them below.

And enjoy Star Wars: The Force Awakens December 18th then TFOB 2016 on July 22-24 2016.


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Support Team MO Beer: Get Your TFOB 2016 Tickets!


The Beer Store presents Toronto’s Festival of Beer, July 22nd-24th 2016. Tickets for Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store are now on sale – And just in time to help support Team MO Beer, our official Movember Canada fundraising team. With over 300 beer brands on-site, over 20 of Toronto’s top food purveyors, and main stage headlining acts to be announced soon, buying tickets to the premier beer event of summer makes supporting men’s health initiatives an easy decision!

On July 22nd – 24th at Bandshell Park inside Exhibition Place, beer fans from across the country will come to celebrate their favourite golden beverage while enjoying culinary delights from some of Canada’s Top Chefs, beer education sessions, live grilling demos and so much more! Last year, over 35,000 attendees enjoyed live music from great acts like Naughty By Nature, 54-40, and Lowest of The Low.

For every TFOB ticket sold from November 3rd to November 30th, $5 will be donated to Movember Foundation via Team MO Beer.

Tickets for Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store sell out in advance every year — so get yours now! Tickets can be purchased online for FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY. Tickets are $42.50 with the ability to Hoptimize your experience for an extra $12. Hoptimizing your ticket will gain you early access and 5 extra sample tokens. This is a 19+ event. For all ticket info and more details about this year’s Beer Festival, click HERE.

About Team MO Beer supporting Movember:
Team MO Beer is Les Murray, Ingrid Kim, Greg Cosway, Jen Murphy and Jon Sinden, the team that owns and operates Toronto’s Festival of Beer. This MO team was put together with focus to give back to the community by raising money for Movember Foundation. Proceeds from Toronto’s Festival of Beer Ticket sales will be directed to Team MO Beer!

About Toronto’s Festival of Beer:
Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store is a celebration of Canada’s rich brewing history, showcasing experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Featuring more than 300 brands, Toronto’s Festival of Beer is Canada’s premier celebration of the golden beverage. The festival takes place July 22-24, 2016 at Bandshell Park in Exhibition Place, Toronto.

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