TFOB Friday with Nas!

Performing on the OLG Bandshell Stage on Friday, July 24

Get ready because this is going to the be biggest show of the summer for all of you hiphop heads out there! Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by The Beer Store is proud to announce the one and only Nas as the official headliner for the opening night of its 2020 festival. The iconic rap legend will perform on the OLG Bandshell Stage during the opening night of the festival on Friday, July 24. #TOBeerFest runs from July 24 to 26 and this show is in partnership with Flow 93.5.

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Nas is one of the most iconic lyricists to ever grace the microphone. He is a gifted poet, confessor, agitator, metaphor master, and tongue twisting genius. Ever since he dropped his 1994 album Illmatic, the hiphop game changed forever and people to this day continue to refer to it as one of the greatest hiphop albums of all time. An album which he released before he was legal drinking age.

Three decades on, Nas continues to be the explosive, outspoken and brutally candid rapper we all love with timeless hits like If I Ruled the World, N.Y. State of Mind, The Message, Nas Is Like, It Ain’t Hard To Tell, Made You Look, and so many more.

How do you like that for a hiphop show? This is the opening night act the an already stacked lineup on the OLG Bandshell Stage. We’ve already announced Sam Roberts Band with Bedouin Soundclash, and Five Alarm Funk on Saturday, July 25, and TLC on Sunday, July 26! It’s going to be the party of the summer, so you don’t want to miss it. Best part? We still aren’t done… Our lineup on the Complete Country Stage presented by Twisted Tea is the next announcement so stay tuned for that!

Want some music to listen to while you jump around in excitement? Check out our Spotify playlist below and give us a follow while you’re there to show some love…

Also, check out some of Nas’ music videos below:

Nas – If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)
Nas – Nas Is Like
Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell
Nas – The World Is Yours

Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by THE BEER STORE is a three day celebration of the golden beverage! This year, we’re celebrating 24 glorious years. Join us from July 24 to 26 for hundreds of brews, an amazing selection of food and live entertainment each and every day. 

Make this your Summer tradition! Below are the links to the other days available. We have a bunch more announcements coming up for this year so stay tuned!  If you have any questions about ticket types, THIS BLOG POST should help you out.

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