Brew News: Saturday VIP Tickets Sold Out, Beer Yoga, Tesla-Powered Beer

Here we are friends… TFOB VIP Tickets are Sold Out for Saturday, July 29. Thank you for your support! If you missed out, and want VIP Tickets, to take advantage of the new VIP Experience, then you can get some HERE for Friday, July 28 and Sunday, July 30.

Below is our round up of the latest Brew News…

BeerYogaBeer Yoga Is A Thing! Get yourself in Happy Baby pose because Beer & Yoga is now a thing. According to this Mashable article, it started at the famous Burning Man festival, and then spread to Germany and now Australia. If you feel this doesn’t sound like the absolute best thing, then you should should Nama-stay away. Photo: via Mashable

Sierra_Nevada_XL_410_282_c1Tesla-Powered Beer: There’s yet another reason to love west coast brewers Sierra Nevada. They’ve installed Tesla Powerpack Batteries at their California Brewery to meet the energy demand on electricity. THIS article from Green Tech Media often quotes Sierra Nevada’s Sustainability Manager Cheri Chastain, which makes us think that more breweries need to have someone leading the sustainability charge. Super cool. Photo: via Sierra Nevada website

Keurig for Beer?: There are rumblings about a single serve beer making machine. Is this the world’s greatest idea or just some crazy fad? THIS article is from the Nerdist, and reports that Anheuser-Bush InBev is considering some type of contraption for single serve beer.


Pint of Stella = Clean Water: Matt Damon’s and Stella Artois have teamed up for a pretty unique partnership. The Hollywood Reporter describes it this way…  “Damon discussed a newly announced cooperation between the organization ( and beer brand Stella Artois, part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, saying that it provides people different ways of giving, such as by buying glass chalices. Or ‘you can go into a pub in the U.K. or America and buy a pint of Stella, and for that one pint of Stella, they will guarantee bringing someone in the developing world clean water for a month,’ the star explained. Read MORE.

There you have it. Our round up of the latest beer news. Cheers. Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 20-21 for Toronto’s Festival of Beer Spring Sessions and on July 28-30 for the Summer Edition of TFOB presented by the Beer Store.

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