Brew News: Rick Astley Beer, Shower Beer, Milkshake Beer


So Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by the Beer Store happens THIS year, people! LOL. If you scored some tickets over the Holidays, then please join the Facebook Group.

We are always on the look out for cool beer news and neat beer stories… Here are some that recently caught our eye…



1) Shower beer is here! So fresh and so clean, clean. A brewery in Sweden has partnered with a design firm to create a beer for you to drink in the shower. With 10 percent ABV, the pale ale packs a wallop for its petite size. It’s sleek, lable-less design (the pink lettering is screen printed directly on the bottle) keeps your hands clean while rinsing off.  READ MORE.




2) Beer is Good For You! Hey, wanna decrease your risk of heart disease? How about sleep better? Or build stronger bones? Or better skin? We’ve been saying this for years. Here is the original list: 7 Reasons Drinking Beer is good for you. Article from Drizly.



3) Could Milkshake Beer really be a thing? It will definitely bring all the boys to the yard. Read more HERE.

4) Heading to Thailand anytime soon? Munchies from Vice found a place you must visit. Pack your bags, grab your passport and flip flops, brah.

4) Rick Astley is working with a Danish brewery to create a “fruity pilsner lager,” according to the Irish Mirror. A self-dubbed beer lover, Astley just needs a name for his lager, he explained. Hmmmm, I wonder what he could name it…

There you have it. Our round up of the latest beer news. Cheers. Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 20-21 for Toronto’s Festival of Beer Spring Sessions and on July 28-30 for the Summer Edition of TFOB.

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