Brew News: Beer For All, Hop Free Beer, Sour Beer

Yes friends, Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by the Beer Store happens THIS year! If you scored some tickets over the Holidays, then please join the Facebook Group. You know, we are always on the look out for cool beer news and neat beer stories… Here are some that recently caught our eye…

sour_beer_gallery_3Why So Sour? You are either a fan of Sour Beer or not. There’s no middle ground. Our office is split down the middle on this issue. Some love it and some…well, not so much. We found this great piece from TVO on a sour collaboration between a number of brewers that happened at Indie Ale House.  The amount of work that goes into making sour beer is unreal: sleeping outside? Aged for four years? This story gives you a taste of the trials that go in to making that sour goodness. Take a read. Photo from Sarah Reid.

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-12-27-54-pmBeer For All! We are big supporters of beer for everyone. It’s a mystery why some beer companies still just market mostly to dudes. From MichiganRadio.comGinger Johnson, the founder of Women Enjoying Beer, and the author of the book How to Market Beer to Women: Don’t Sell Me A Pink Hammerthe tendency of beer marketing to ignore women is not only insulting. It’s also a bad business strategy. Check out the full radio interview with Ginger. Locally, there’s the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. They host events called Bevies and believe in the motto that Real Ladies Drink Real Beer.  We couldn’t agree more! Photo from SOBDL Instagram.

Hop Free Beer. Today the flavour-full hop-infused IPAs seem to get all the headlines. We are pretty OK with this notion, because we love IPAs, but there is so much more to the world of beer. Beer without hops may seem strange at first – like apple pie without ice cream – but check out this feature from Jakarta Today on ‘Why Hop Free Beer Is So Delicious!‘ and you may change your mind.

Craft Beer For Your Dog. We thought this was pretty cute… Concrete Beach Brewing in Miami is brewing a batch of beer for canines. Woof Wort, a beer brewed with beef stock and bacon will be available for one day only and supports a local animal shelter. Read more.

There you have it. Our round up of the latest beer news. Cheers. Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 20-21 for Toronto’s Festival of Beer Spring Sessions and on July 28-30 for the Summer Edition of TFOB.

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