10 of the Most Awesome Beer Gifts from Brewers

Toronto's Festival of Beer Gifts From Breweries


We work with hundreds of brewers and we’ve gotta say; we have #BeerLove for all! Big or small, we support all things beer.

With gift giving season upon us, we scoured the beer interwebz (so you don’t have to!) and searched out some pretty cool beer gift ideas.

Raise a glass this holiday season and rest assured, the beer lover in your life will love one of these gifts from brewers:

Best Holiday Beer Gift Ideas


1) Beau’s Skateboard Deck. $60.00

Beaus Skateboard Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerThis Winter, hit the indoor skate parks in style with this super cool deck.

Add some trucks and wheels, take off your shirt, and you are ready to shred, brah!

After the cast comes off, mount the deck to your wall and use it as a shelf for other cool beer knick knacks.

Bonus: $10 from each board is donated to Ottawa Skateboard association.


2) All Or Nothing Brewhouse Feisty Tap Handle. $39.99

Underdog Brewhouse Beer Tap Toronto Beer FestivalFor those of you who are serious enough to have kegs in your home (and we hope that’s many of you), you need a proper tap handle to pour delicious brews.

The fine folks at All Or Nothing Brewhouse are ready to roll up their sleeves, spit on their hands and bareknuckle box you with awesome gifts this Xmas!




3) Coors Light Money Clip– $18.99

Coors Light Money Clip Best Beer Lover Gifts Toronto Beer FestivalHold on to your cash (and ID and stuff too), with this super cool accessory.

Nothing says ‘high roller’ like a flashy money clip to hold your fat stacks!





4) Spearhead’s Sam Roberts Band Session Ale T-shirt. $24.99

Sam Roberts Session Ale T-Shirt Beer Lover Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerRock n roll meets beer with this killer tee.

Printed on premium, unisex, cotton this t-shirt is one you will want to wear all year long.

Just don’t wear it to a Sam Roberts show. That would be awkward.



5) Steam Whistle Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – $24.95

Steam Whistle Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Gift Idea Toronto Festival of BeerComes with strong magnets to mount on the fridge, or screws to mount on the wall.

It’s sturdily constructed and we can vouch for it because we have one on our office fridge!





6) Brickworks Ciderhouse Mason Jar – $5

Brickworks Ciderhouse Mason Jar Gift Idea Toronto Beer FestivalA beautiful, clear jar to drink your cider out of.

Add two straws and reenact the scene from Lady & The Tramp, but minus the spaghetti.

When you fall in love forever-ever, remember who suggested this tactic.

We can only assume our wedding invite is in the mail.

Optional black lid for $0.25.


7) Muskoka Dinner Jacket – $75.00

Muskoka Dinner Jacket Gift Idea Toronto Festival Of BeerWhat’s red and black and awesome all over? This stylish jacket, yo!

How can something be so country and so classy all at once?

We don’t know, but it’s all happening with this jacket.




8) Sawdust City presents Hummingbird Homestead Soap – $15.00

Sawdust City Homestead Soap Beer Gift Ideas Toronto Festival of BeerLone Pine IPA is one delicious and tasty beer.

Now imagine it in soap form all over your body.

Now add the love of your life actually sharing a Lone Pine with you while this is all happening. (*Note: this is how babies get made)

Can’t think of anything better!!!



9) Budweiser Red Light – $159.00

Budweiser Red Light Toronto Beer FestivalSync it up and get ready to cheer on your favourite hockey team.

Perfect addition to the man cave.

Put it right next to the painting of dogs playing poker and you’re set. (Pretty sure the English Bulldog is cheating, btw.)




10) Tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer, presented by The Beer Store. $42.50-$80.50

No, it’s not too early to think about summer, so get the beer lover in your life tickets to the beer event of the summer; with 35,000+ attendees over three glorious days.

Use code word GIFT and get $5 off regular admission tickets or step up and get them Hoptimized tickets which will get them 5 extra tokens and early entrance.

Note: the promo code does not work for Hoptimized or VIP tix.

You can also get creative with how you give the tickets. Buy ‘em, print ‘em, place ‘em in case of beer?

Or hang them from the tree? Be festive! That’s #BeerLove.


Toronto's Festival Of Beer

If you find any other awesome gift ideas from one of your favourite brewers, please post it below. Cheers to the Holidays!