1) Great Lakes Brewery Canuck Pale Ale Mens or Ladies T-Shirt

$28.25 from the GLB Retail Store.

Yes, that’s the legend Gordie Levesque front and centre on that tee. Basically it’s a super comfy, grey-washed tee. But dig a little deeper and you may uncover a metaphor that really strikes a chord. You may see a man with a beard, wearing plaid shirt and a toque, who can balance on a log in water while holding a pretty large axe OR you may see that life is about balance and juggling priorities all while keeping a calm demeanour. Whatever you choose to see, this shirt is for you.

2) All Or Nothing New Era Snapback

$34.99 from the All or Nothing store.

Picture a gorgeous sunny day. You’re with your best mates, sitting on a patio. You have one of All Or Nothing’s famous Hopfenweisse brews in your hand. Now, it’s almost a perfect day, but there’s just one thing… the sun is a wee bit in your eyes. Behold, the remedy… this super cool New Era snapback complete with AorN branding in the AofN colour. Now, you’re not only telling people that your sensible about blocking the sun from your face, but you’re also saying that you know beer. That’s a double win.

3) Steam Whistle K-Way Jacket

$64.95 from the Steam Whistle web store.

Remember that wind breaker you used to have when you were young? The one that folded into one of its own pockets for easy storage? Yeah, that one. Well, it just got an upgrade. Steam Whistle colours and a sleek Steam Whistle logo on the chest makes this a must have for fans of the pils. Wind doesn’t stand a chance.

4) Amsterdam Cruiser Messenger Bag

34.99 from the Amsterdam Brewery Store.

This super stylish bag is perfect for hauling your stuff. Even better if some of that stuff is a couple tasty Amsterdam Cruiser All Day Pale Ales. This bag works on many levels: 1) If you’re actually riding a bike and need to hold gear. 2) Your casual, everyday work bag. 3) If you are a fan of the beer. Combine all three and Instagram that look and no doubt royalty checks will come rolling in from Amsterdam. (Note: not really, No ones gunna pay you, but you’ll probably get a lot of likes.)

5) Rorschach Brewery Hoodie

$40.00 from the Rorschach Brewery Store.

Rorschach Brewery is part of the great Toronto East End Beer boom. We welcomed them to Toronto’s Festival of Beer for the first time in 2017. They were a hit. So when you look at their logo, what do you see? Do you see your childhood? Do you see your parents yelling at you because they found a pack of smokes in your room when you were 15, but you promised then that they were Jason’s smokes and you were just holding on to them? Or do you just see a great brewery logo? Either way, a sick hoodie awaits!

6) Left Field Brewing Tank Top

$25.00 from the LFB Store.

We love this tank top. It screams summer. With that killer LF branding, how can someone not love to receive this as a gift? Pair it with some of that Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale and I’d say that your CRUSHED XMAS thi s year. Left Field also offer a stocking stuffer pack that beer lovers are sure to enjoy. You cannot lose!

7) Folly Brewing Inkhorn Hoodie

$55.00 from the Folly BrewHouse Online Store.

Does it even matter that this hoodie is named after Folly’s Inkhorn? You know, the Cognac Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Bruin? IT HAS A UNICORN ON IT. There will never be a better reason to buy a hoodie. Folly have plenty of cool merch but what does that say about us if we chose something else to feature? Oh, they also make very tasty brews and have a massive whiskey collection.

8) TFOB 2018 Tickets

The 2018 edition of Toronto’s Festival of Beer presented by the Beer Store happens July 26 to 29 at Bandshell Park Exhibition Place. There will be hundreds of breweries, dozens of food choices and live entertainment each day. We also added a Thursday Night to our already legendary Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 4 days of glory! Pick your day below and we’ll see you in July. It’s all about the #BeerLove

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