We did it again! We sent a probe droid to search for the perfect Star Wars related beer gifts. We are pretty pumped for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Dec 15 and we are big fans of beer, so writing this just felt so natural. Star Wars meets the world of beer. Not sure it gets any better than this…

1) Millenium Falcon Beer Opener

$4 plus shipping from Amazon.

You can add a joke about the Kessel run, but this beer opener is no joke. Probably the coolest opener this side of the galaxy.

2) Rogue One StormTrooper Beer Stein

$41.99 from Amazon.

Yes, we all know how Roque One ended, but do we really need to dwell on the past. It was all for the greater good. This ceramic stein seemed to make it through the devastation. 22 ounces of your favourite bevy awaits! This is one Stormtrooper that will no doubt last and have a place on your shelf for years to come.

3) R2D2 Bottle Stopper

$36.77 from Amazon.

Many brewers are offering larger bottles from their bottle shops now. This is a must have if you are a regular at your local brewers’ bottle shop. This is … wait for it … the droid bottle stopper that you’re looking for.

4) TaunTaun Can Cooler

$9.99 plus shipping from Amazon.

All Star Wars fans remember the iconic moment when Luke was stuffed inside a TaunTaun in order to keep warm on the ice planet Hoth. Now you can give a very similar treatment to your beer! Keep your can cold deep inside the TaunTaun can cooler. What will they think of next?

5) Star Wars Pint Glasses

$41.92 from Amazon.

A true fan of the Resistance or Dark Side/First Order would never pour their beer in just any glass. These Star Wars-inspired pint glasses are perfect. 16oz glasses in a four piece set would look stunning filled with your favourite ale. The only thing better than enjoying a bevy in these glasses would be sitting in the actual Mos Eisley Cantina – which would never, ever happen.

6) Darth Vader Tap Handle

$157 plus shipping from Amazon.

If you are a home brewer with a leaning towards the Dark Side, then we suggest this tap handle. Now all you have to do is brew a proper dark beer and brainstorm with your friends on a killer name. Here are some suggestions: Vader’s Dark Lager? Bogan Black Ale? Sith Stout? Anna-inna-Kan?

7) Han Solo In Carbonite Beer Fridge

$750 or so from Amazon.

Have an extra $700+ lying around your summer house on Alderaan? Then, this beer fridge is for you. That legendary moment when Jabba put Han on display at his palace on Tatooine can now last forever in your den.


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