Brewers Plate

Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent to DJ Brewers Plate 2017


So stoked to share that Ian D’Sa from Billy Talent will be our guest DJ spinning at Brewers Plate Toronto on May 4th. Also, our long time friend Fearless Fred from 102.1 the Edge will host! We also just announced a stellar line-up of PRIZING that you can win or bid on. Brewers Plate is the most rock and roll food and beer event you’ll ever experience. Rock star pairings of local brewers and local restaurants, all in support of War Child Canada make this event a must attend. Circle the calendar: Thursday, May 4th at Corus Quay.

Here are some things you need to know about Brewers Plate:


Here’s where you can reach out to Brewers Plate to get even more info about #RockThePlate:

See you May 4th!



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Brewers Plate + TFOB Spring Sessions Complimentary Ticket Offer


This is an extremely limited offer, but we are amped to share it with you… Be one of the first 50 people to purchase Brewers Plate 2017 tickets right now, and we will send you a complimentary ticket to TFOB Spring Sessions to see The Trews Campfire Session on Sunday, May 21. This offer won’t last!

Get Brewers Plate Tickets Now!

If you love sampling great beer and enjoying tasty food, these are two events not to be missed. And now to experience both of them, all you need to do is purchase your Brewers Plate ticket and we’ll set you up with Spring Sessions Sunday.  That’s a $30 value. Yes, you can buy more than one ticket to Brewers Plate, but be aware: we only have 50 available for this offer. This offer expires on Sunday April 9th at midnight or once the 50 tickets have been sold the offer is over.  We will email you your complimentary ticket on Monday, April 10th. 

Don’t fret… If you’ve already purchased your Brewers Plate tickets… we will take care of you! You will also get a complimentary ticket! Your Spring Sessions ticket will be emailed to you. All you need to do is reach out to us and let us know it’s ok to email you. Email us here.

If you’d like to take advantage of this limited offer, here are the steps:

  1. Get your Brewers Plate ticket! The ticket is called Brewers Plate x TFOB Spring Sessions.
  2. Sit back and wait for your emails!
  3. The first email will be your Brewers Plate ticket. The second (on April 10th) will be your Spring Sessions ticket.
  4. See you May 4th and May 21st!

Tip to Enjoy Brewers Plate:

Remember the dress code: Your Band Tee Shirt: This is paramount! You gotta follow the dress code! Start searching in your closet or the nearest Value Village for the perfect band tee shirt. This band tee shirt thing adds an amazing element to the evening. Seeing vintage ones is super cool. Actual quote from last year: “Where did you get The Thomson Twins tour tee shirt?” It was so rad. See the Photo Gallery from last year to get a taste!

Here’s 10 Tips To Enjoy Brewers Plate!

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