8 Awesome Food Choices For May Two Four Weekend

8 Awesome Food Choices For May Two Four

There are plenty of places to fill your belly in our fair city over a long weekend. You can also do it yourself at home on the BBQ. Those are all fine choices, but we’ve done a little legwork and made it super easy for you to enjoy a wide selection of tasty food all in one place. That place is the Spring Sessions of Toronto’s Festival of Beer. May 21-22 at Sherbourne Common. Now, on to the food:


Here is our curated a list of incredible food selections:


1) Ted’s World Famous BBQ:

May Two-Four BBQ FoodTed Reader is a legend in the BBQ world. He has been innovating the BBQ game, when you were sitting in a high chair eating mashed yams. Teddy will be spinning a pig on a spit all weekend long.







2) Chimney Stax:

May Two-Four Chimney Stax FoodChimney Stax create giant towers of doughy goodness. Fresh-made, rotisserie-baked bread served sweet or savoury. They can be shared, but really… who do you even like that much to share these awesome treats with?






3) Ontario Corn Roasters:

May Two-Four Corn-on-the-cob FoodThe maestros of roasting corn are back. The smell of roasting corn is scientifically proven to make you a better person. It’s science. Food that comes with its own handle is pretty much the best thing ever. Mother nature approved!






4) Pie Commission:

May Two-Four Pie Commission FoodGourmet-style, handheld, savoury pies made from the freshest of ingredients. Basically, take the best stuff in world and wrap it all in a savory pie. Pro tip: the Butter Chicken Pie packs a little punch if spice is your thing.. Also the Beef N’ Beer Pie seems to be super popular at our beer event… obvs!!!






5) Oyster Boy:

May Two-Four Oysters FoodIf you’ve never tried Oyster Boy, you must be shucking out of your mind. Oysters pair perfectly with pretty much every beer at Spring Sessions. Trust us, we ‘re experts.







6) Tiny Toms:

May Two-Four Donuts FoodThe legend of Tiny Toms grow with every beer event. Like, one time: Tiny Toms doughnuts saved a man’s life. (Not really, but I had fun typing that) Get your hot little hands on these hot little doughnuts and wash it down with a cool brew and your pretty much living the dream.






7) Mama Raty’s Meat Pies:

May Two-Four Meat Pies FoodDaaaaamn Mama Raty, back at it again with those meat pies! Seriously, they make meat pies. Meat. Pies. Do you need any other reason? Fine Finnish Meat Pies are the new black.







8) Smoke’s Poutinerie:

May Two-Four Poutine FoodPoutine is almost a food group now, so we had to have these legends at Spring Sessions. There is nothing I could write that hasn’t been said already about Poutine. Little known fact: Poutine literally translates to ‘awesome stuff in my belly’. True story.







There you have it. If these food choices don’t make you a wee bit hungry, then I’m sorry to say that you have no soul. See you on the May Long Weekend!


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